Within the framework of the REACT-C19 project, medical staff was trained on various topics in four major pandemic hospitals in Baku. Based on the protocols of the World Health Organization, trainings on specific topics related to the COVID-19 pandemic were prepared and the participation of doctors and paramedics in hospitals was ensured. In addition, the consulting doctors were directly interested in the condition of patients and shared their knowledge and recommendations with local doctors.

Azerbaijan Medical University Educational Therapeutic Clinic

5 resident doctors were trained on the proper use of personal protective equipment and infection control. The World Health Organization's online trainings were used. In accordance with the proposal of the project consultants, an infection control committee was established at the initiative of the hospital director.

Central Neftchilar Hospital

An infection control committee has been set up by the decision of the hospital director, infectious disease specialist and resuscitation consultant. For this purpose, 12 infectious diseases doctors and 2 resuscitation doctors have been trained on general information about the COVID-19 pandemic, hand hygiene, proper use of personal protective equipment, infection control, smear test rules.

New Clinic

11 doctors and nurses have been trained in the proper use of personal protective equipment, resuscitation management, infection control and patient management.

Azerbaijan Medical University Educational Surgery Clinic

A temporary infection control committee was set up jointly with the hospital director and officials, which included 1 infectious disease doctor, 2 therapists, 1 pulmonologist, 1 infectious disease resident and 1 nurse. Appropriate training has been provided to these medical personnel. Problems and shortcomings were identified in all hospitals based on the World Health Organization's "Hospital Preparedness Guide to the COVID-19 pandemic" and detailed observations were made. Negotiations were held with the hospital management on these issues, relevant action plans were identified and changes were started. The aim is to make hospitals more prepared for the pandemic.