I am Agamaliyeva Zaba Javad gizi - resident doctor of AMU on the specialty of Infectious Diseases. I have always been concerned about the importance of my profession for this country. Because it is the only field where diseases related to this field are examined and even treated by other specialists. However, from the moment the first case of infection was registered in Azerbaijan at the time of the announcement of the COVID19 pandemic, these 3 specialists - Infectious Diseases, Resuscitators and Pulmonologists - were mobilized at the frontline. As an infectious disease specialist, of course I participated in AMU ETC on 01.04.20. and worked with patients for a month. I gained a wonderful team and experience, and most importantly, I realized the value of my profession. What inspired me the most in this job was to participate in the REACT-C19 project as a local consultant. I met 4 wonderful people. Each of them is an infectious disease specialist, pulmonologist and resuscitator, who is a compatriot and works as a specialist in different hospitals in Turkey. The reason for their arrival in our country is to instill their knowledge and experience in local doctors, to harmonize the principles of examination and treatment of COVID19 in our country with the recommendations of the WHO. This included everything from the hospital's structure to the safety of medical staff and, most importantly, infection control. Unfortunately, due to the lack of an "Infection Control Committee" in both public and private hospitals in the country, nosocomial infections are widespread and the number of staff infections is high. I am very glad that the Infection Control Committee will be established in Azerbaijan at the suggestion of this project, and I am ready to do my part as an infectious disease specialist to make it sustainable. I am very glad that our medical system is now closer to world medicine. After joining this project, my thoughts about my future changed and my worries about my profession decreased. I am more interested in world medical literature, I am learning a new language. I am grateful to them for that.